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Horace Chase Lodge
Community Involvement
D.A.R.E. Graduation 2005
Boscawen Elementary School

WM Ken Clay serving ice cream to graduates

SW Robert MacLean assists with ice cream duty

JW Peter Crouch guarding the ice cream

Horace Chase officers attentively listening to the ceremonies

"We make good men better."

Q. How do I become a Mason?

A. The first step in becoming a Mason, in New Hampshire, is to ask another Mason about his lodge and then ask him for a Petion for Membership. A Mason in New Hampshire may not solicit new members into the Masonic Fraternity, the man interested becoming a member must take the first step.

Q. What are the requirements to become a Mason?

A. To become a Mason, you must be a man of at least 18 years of age. You must acknowledge belief in a Supreme Deity. You must be of good moral character.

Q. What is the process of becoming a Mason?

A. Once your petition has been submitted it will be presented to the Lodge Secretary. The Lodge Secretary will read the petition at the next Stated Meeting for the lodge. Once the petition has been read in the Lodge, and accepted, your petition will go to an investigative committee. Your will be contacted by the committee and will be visited in your home by three Masons. This committee will prepare a report and present it to the Lodge. The Lodge membership will vote on your admission. Upon acceptance, the Lodge Secretary will notify you to report to the Lodge for the initial degree ceremony. The admission process will probably take at least two months, perhaps longer.

Q. What are the Degrees in a Masonic Lodge?

A. The degrees are rituals or steps to become a Master Mason. There are three symbolic degrees in the Masonic Lodge: The Entered Apprentice Degree (EA Degree), The Fellow Craft Degree (FC Degree) and the Master Mason Degree (MM Degree). Once you have received your Master Mason's degree, you are entitled to fully participate in our activities. There is no more important degree than that of Master Mason

Q. Is there is a lot of memorization in the study to become a Mason?

A. There is a lesson to be is memorized for each degree. The material learned are the principles of Freemasonry given in each degree. Degree candidates are assigned a tutor to help with the study. This learning is part of the process that helps "make good men better." The amount of material to be learned is substantial but should not be overwhelming for an average person.

Q. After I become a Master Mason, may I join other affiliated Masonic organizations?

A. Yes. Being a Master Mason is a prerequisite for membership in other affiliated Masonic organizations, such as Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Shrine. They may have other requirements, but being a Master Mason is required.

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Steps to become a Mason and join Horace Chase Lodge

1. Obtain NH Blue Lodge Petition

To Become a Mason:
Download Petion for Membership (Word Document, pdf)

For Affiliation Membership:
Download Petition for Affiliation (Word Document, pdf)

2. Fill out petition and have signed by two Master Masons (NH Masons). If you do not know any Masons to sign your petition contact Worshipful Master of Horace Chase Lodge

3. Submit Petition with fee of $35.00 to:

     Horace Chase Lodge
     PO Box 6112
     Penacook NH 03303

4. The Secretary of the Lodge will contact you with further information and instructions. Include your e-mail address on the petition and within a week you will receive a confirmation of delivery of your petition. Usually it takes two months to act on your petition before you can start the process of joining.

Contact for Worshipful Master of Horace Chase Lodge

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