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The June 2017 Message
from Worshipful Master
Glenn A. Patterson

Brethren, We received the Grand Master’s Award at Grand Lodge this year—one of only three lodges to get it. Only the Masters of the lodges went before the Grand Master so I want to thank the officers and brothers of Horace Chase Lodge because “the intent of the Grand Master’s Award program is not to be sure that a Lodge reaches goals but that it takes part in programs that lead to Lodge quality and Masonic success” and our lodge certainly fits that description! June 10th is a busy day, starting off with the Blessing of the Bikes at Grantham United Methodist Church in Grantham, NH. The bikes will be blessed by Rev. Cheryl Meachen. We will leave the i89 park and ride at 8:15. Later in the day, the 5th Annual Joint Table Lodge with Blazing Star-Eureka in Concord starts at 7:00-it will be a fun filled evening with great food and fellowship. Our Jr. Warden has the $25 ticketsplease contact him at willywil@comcast.net or call 738-2708.

Our annual Community Night BBQ will be on June 15th starting at 6:30 for the burger and hotdog cookout followed at 7:30 by various presentations for and by the community and ending with a quick stated meeting.

On Saturday June 17th from 7:30 until 10:00, we will have our last community breakfast before going dark. The usual kitchen crew will be on a well earned vacation so come to see the 2nd string crew attempt to recreate the monthly magic of tasty food and fast service!

The St. John’s Sunday Service is on June 25th, starting at 9:30 at both locations. In Portsmouth, brethren should assemble at St. John’s Lodge at 8:30 then march to the church at 8:50. Dress is tux or dark suit with regalia for lodge officers.

Finally, Masonic Light is available every Tuesday at 6:30 at the lodge. Come talk about Masonry, work on a lesson or practice ritual.

Enjoy the summer—winter is coming!!

Glenn A Patterson
Worshipful Master

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