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Officers of Horace Chase Lodge 2016

Horace Chase Officers for 2017
     Office                      Name                    Email       
Worshipful Master Glenn A. Patterson
Senior Warden Rodney W. Sewall, Jr.
Junior Warden Wilmer J. Nemchick
Treasurer Peter D. Crouch, PM
Secretary James M. Triacca, HPM
Chaplain RW Scott C. Ives, GC
Senior Deacon John E. Glover
Junior Deacon J. Scott Nichols
Marshal RW Robert C. Lethbridge, PDDGM, PM
Senior Steward Joshua S. Craggy
Junior Steward Todd P. Doherty
Organist William A. Parker
Tyler Warren W. Leary III
Grand Lodge Representative John E. Glover
Historian RW Sumner Goldman, PM, PGSB

Living Past Masters of Horace Chase Lodge
Past MasterYear
Terry S. Gregg1979-80
Dale C. Nudd1981-82
Sumner Goldman, PGSB, GC1989-90
Albert W. Fifield1991
Robert W. Lawrie, Honorary1995
Mark C. Roth, PDDGM, PGC, GP1994-95
Herbert S. Carpenter IV, PDEO1996-97
Robert S. Hansen1998
Gary E. Roy, PDDGM1999-2000
Andrew F. Lane2003-2004
Kenneth A. Clay, Jr., GSW2005-2006
Robert M. MacLean, Jr. 2007
Peter D. Crouch2008-2009
David A. Hardy, DDGL2010-2011
Joseph A. Hardy 2012-2013
Jason M. Valley 2014
James M. Triacca, Honorary 2015
Michael A. Drotar2015-2016

Richard D. HoldenTerm: 3 years, Exp. Jan. 2018
Sumner Goldman, PMTerm: 3 years, Exp. Jan. 2017
Mark C. Roth, PM Term: 3 years, Exp. Jan. 2016

Finance Committee
Rodney W. Sewall, JR
Edward N. Lewis, PM
Robert C. Lethbridge, PDDGM, PM

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